While a lot of agencies focus on either the creative, strategy or the technical side. Here at Safra we are obsessed with all three.


A technical agency that understands design is rare, but here at Safra that’s how we operate. We believe design is about consistency and whether you ask us to design your website or ask us to build a website designed by you we will always exceed your expectations.


A site that looks beautiful but loads slowly or can’t be found in Google is of no use.

We are experts in Shopify and our aim is to make your Shopify site easy to maintain so you can focus on promotion, marketing, and logistics.

We prefer to speak in plain English to people but also know all the jargon and when to and when to use it.


We want your website to sell and we are good spotting opportunities to improve your conversion rate and/or customer experience.

We’ve seen it all before, we know certain things work well on ecommerce websites when it comes to landing pages, email newsletters. We’ve worked with growing small brands and multinational department stores and we’ve remembered everything that worked or didn’t along the way.

Let’s work together…

If you have an existing Shopify/ecommerce website or thinking of starting a new Shopify store, then send us your contact details, along with some details about your project and we will get back in touch shortly to discuss your requirements.

Sound good?

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