What is accessible web development?

Writing front-end code that is accessible, can be quite time-consuming. We feel it is always worth the extra time and effort but sometimes clients don’t understand why it takes so long because they don’t know fully understand all of the elements that go into it.

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How to estimate a web development project

Estimating web development projects is hard. Very hard. It’s only once the development team start working on the project that they see all the complexities which will determine how long the work will take. But, clients still need estimates so how can projects be estimated with accuracy?

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Fixed price vs day rate pricing

When we quote for a project we offer clients two options with regards to pricing: a fixed price or a daily rate. In this article we will try and break down those two options…

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Prepping SVGs for web development

Assuming the artwork is in Sketch, the first step is to export the SVG from Sketch. Export from app Right click on your icon and select Copy SVG code or Export via the sidebar. Copy SVG code dialog in Sketch app Optimise strokes, paths and artboards…

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Introducing F37 Bobby, our new typeface

Since launch, and on all previous side projects, we’ve used Museo Slab as our typeface of choice: it looks good on screen and decent in print. Basically, it’s solid, steady and we fell in love with it when we were young but, we’ve changed…

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Safra London goes live

This week, on Friday 13th September, we launched the new Safra London. Prior to today, the website was a simple holding page, whereas now it’s a full blown Gatsby-powered static website.

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