What is Gatsby?


Gatsby is a static site generator.

Static sites are all the rage in modern web development, but they are incredibly retro too. You could say that a static site generator is a new school way to make an old school website. From a developer’s perspective, they’re easy (and dare we say ‘fun’) to code and from a user’s perspective static sites loads super fast.

Static websites are super fast because they are just text files with images embedded whereas Shopify and WordPress websites are text files which are dynamically generated by a server when the page loads; this means they can take a little longer to load.

When to use Gatsby

For campaign sites and microsites where the images and the copy will not change much, if at all, we recommend a static website built with Gatsby.

We also recommend Gatsby for simple websites without complex functionality like login areas or site search.

But… in theory, Gatsby can be coupled with either Shopify or WordPress so you can have the best of both worlds.

Let’s work together…

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